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MultiLayer Network (MLN) Community Infrastructure for Data, Interaction, Visualization, and Software

MLN-DIVE is an NSF funded one year planning project to develop a community infrastructure (CI) for multilayer network usage across various disciplines. The long-term goal is to develop an open, extensible, and sustainable community infrastructure for analyzing and applying multilayer networks. This will include a software and data set repositories as well as a user-friendly interactive web-based dashboard. This dashboard will allow sharing of data sets and algorithms and more importantly analysis of the data sets in easy interactive steps. As part of this planning project, and to build a vibrant and community-driven CI, we are conducting

The goal of this workshop is to gather requirements for developing MultiLayer Network (MLN) CyberIinfrastructure (a portal) for research, MLN analysis, and support end-users from different disciplines for:

  1. Collecting, sharing, and managing graph and MLN data sets
  2. Generation and analysis of MLNs using an easy-to-use GUI dashboard
  3. Discuss research issues as a vibrant community
  1. Discuss algorithm development (including parallel computing and Map/Reduce usage)
  2. Synthetic MLN generation and scalability issues
  3. Discuss novel applications of MLN for practical applications in different domains
  4. Motivate usage of this powerful big data analysis approach

In order to accomplish this, we are seeking participants who can contribute towards these requirements. A prototype MLN dashboard is currently under development and will be made available to registered participants before the workshop. The workshop will discuss the above under the following themes. Each theme will be a small group (of less than 8) that will discuss and come up with recommendations, which will be further discussed for consensus by all workshop participants.

For discussion, clarification, and feedback on the workshop
Lecture Series
Sharma Chakravarthy

Professor, UTA

Sanjukta Bhowmick

Associate Professor, UNT

Kamesh Madduri

Associate Professor, PSU

Abhishek Santra

Senior Lecturer, UTA