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MultiLayer Network (MLN) Community Infrastructure for Data, Interaction, Visualization, and SoftwarE

Requirements Gathering Workshop
We are asking registrants to choose 2 themes they would like to participate and contribute to during the workshop. Please provide through this link your availability and interest. Whether you want to take lead in any of the groups. Also, publicize this workshop among your colleagues and others who may be interested, Thanks
7 Themes or Discussion Groups for gathering requirements are:
Theme 1
Data Acquisition and Sharing (Data Repository)
  • Private, Public, and Shared data
  • Privacy and Proprietary issues
  • Formats and Representations
  • FAIR and non-FAIR data (FAIRification of data?)
  • How to contribute?
Theme 2
Algorithms Acquisition and Sharing
  • Making widely-used algorithms available
  • Making new and improved versions of algorithms available
  • Examples of sample runs with ground truth
  • Maintenance of these algorithms when new versions come out
Theme 3
Generating graphs/layers and interlayers from data
  • How to specify layer specification
  • Formats of data accepted (.csv, …)
  • Layers that may be difficult to generate automatically
  • Use of FAIR data in this context
  • Formats and representations of generated layers
  • Generate and use later provision (sharing as well)
Theme 4
Analysis of MLNs
  • How to specify analysis for generated layers
  • Formats used by algorithms
  • Available software for analysis
  • Software and format compatibility issues
  • Sharing analysis results
Theme 5
Dashboard Characteristics for Supporting Themes 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Functionality details
  • Functionality for an end-user not so familiar with MLN
  • Ability to run locally or on the web?
  • Sharing of results in a controlled manner
Theme 6
Interactive Portal Functionality
  • Paradigm for group communication (village or town hall formats)
  • Forum for discussion among groups as well as the whole community
  • Ask questions and get answers
  • How to make this a one-stop portal for ALL MLN issues?
Theme 7
Inter-disciplinary Usage and Issues
  • Requirements of different disciplines
  • Helping users of other disciplines to get started
  • Making the portal and the dashboard easy to use for them
For discussion, clarification, and feedback on the workshop

Participant Registration

If you are interested in participating in the workshop, please register using the form below so that we can include you in all the communications and related activities.

Sharma Chakravarthy

Professor, UTA

Sanjukta Bhowmick

Associate Professor, UNT

Kamesh Madduri

Associate Professor, PSU

Abhishek Santra

Senior Lecturer, UTA